What is Joybay Swing Car?

Joybay Swing Car Harnesses Kid Power!  A toy that taps your child's inexhaustible energy to fuel big fun! Kids just turn the steering wheel from left to right and off they go!  Once they stop turning the wheel, the car slows down. It even works in reverse too!


That's right.  Joybay Swing Cars are entirely powered by the child using it. No batteries, no peddles and no motors.  It uses the momentum from your child's energy and is great for both indoor and outdoor fun!! And from parents' perspective, it's safe, quiet and affordable! 

What is Joybay Swing Car Made Of?  Is it Safe?

Joybay Swing Car is made of Super Durable Eco Friendly Material (New Plastics). It also includes High Quality NSK Wheel Bearings Made in Japan.  It is CE, ASTM F963 Certified, so meets the full criteria for international toy safety standards.

Who can use them?

Joybay Swing Car is designed to accommodate anyone from 3 years of age with a maximum weight capacity of 110 lbs, and is manufactured for hours of smooth gliding.

Where to use them?

Joybay Swing Car is ideal for use in any area with a smooth, flat surface and where there is plenty of room to operate. However, it is not recommended for indoor use as wheels may damage floor surfaces.

What are the color options when ordering?

They are: Classical Red, Navy Blue, Flower Pink, Forest Green, Pink Beauty, Royal Purple, Lime Green, Silver, Yellow, Sky Blue.   

A rainbow of color assortments to make your child's life an endless fun and energy. 

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